7 Steps To A Successful Restaurant Startup

My Online Course Is Specifically For First time Entrepreneur’s

Doing the right steps and in the order, they must be done in gives you an advantage and a head start to opening successful restaurant.

Each step opens up an understanding of the next step, giving you more confidence as you plan your restaurant’s start-up and future.

I Used This Very System To Start

Four Successful Food Businesses

I Know It Works

Now For The First Time

I  Will Be Offering It As An Online Course

 7 Steps To A Successful Restaurant Startup

Learn How To

Choose The Right  A Cuisine 

Find  Your Target Customer

Find The Right Location For Your Restaurant

Purchase The Appropriate Equipment

Hire The Right Staff



Is The Most Important Phase of Your Business

  “They Are The “Necessary Steps”

Essential To Starting A Restaurant 

This Course Eliminates Fear Of The Unknown

That Starting A Restaurant Can Bring On

fear of starting a restaurant

Overcome Your Fear of Starting a Restaurant

Your restaurant idea is fueled by passion, turning your vision into a successful business often brings an entrepreneur face to face with fear.

FEAR of the unknown, where do I begin, what do I do first?

FEAR of being judged by others.

You’re not only dealing with your fear and insecurities you will also be running into family, friends, and co-workers who will be transferring their FEARS on you as well.

It’s easier for some people to tear you down than to feel envy or shame because they haven’t done anything similar.

 Though fear is incredibly normal, advice about how to deal with it in the context of starting a new restaurant business is sparse. This where we come in!

Our Resources Teach You How To Overcome It!

 I  became a successful restaurant entrepreneur!

You Can Too!

me in a video


When I first started to think about creating an online course for first-time restaurant startup entrepreneurs, I realized I had a lot of work ahead of me.

I have been a consultant to many first-time restaurant owners and one on one coach but have never been an online instructor.

I just know I want to reach out and be a part of something I felt would benefit those wanting to start a restaurant anywhere in the world.

My online course is about to do just that. 

I want to reach as many first-time entrepreneurs and share the lessons I’ve learned over the years about starting a restaurant.  

I want to teach others the important elements that need to be done from the beginning to give first-time owners a chance to make it in one of the most demanding and challenging industries.

 There is so much I wish I had known when I first got started!

You will be able to make a decision with confidence once you take this online course. 

Do YOU who have a burning desire to start a restaurant?

Then this course is for YOU.

I structured this course in a step by step process that will help you embrace, and even harness, the fears you may encounter on the path to building your restaurant business.

Follow the course and the steps and tasks I give you and I know it will help put your fears and doubts to rest and give you the resources and knowledge to start your restaurant business.

Online Course Creators

Jeannette Goldman 

Start Up Specialist, Chef,  and Business Owner

Jeannette in Blck chef jacket no back ground

Pat Walsh 

 Financial Adviser

Pat Walsh has been a business owner, a business banker and co-owned two businesses with Jeannette Goldman. More importantly, she can identify quickly and diagnose restaurants operational and financial performances.



  The Course Teaches New Entrepreneurs

How To Overcome the Fear of Starting A Restaurant Business


There is a reason why an entrepreneur, particularly a first-timer, should take this online course.

It breaks down the process of launching a restaurant into practical steps.

It’s as close to a formula for success as you can get!

It is what I followed and have taught others to use.

This course will ease your fears that startups naturally bring on and answer any questions you may have.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Purchase This Online Course


It’s credible – the class’ instructor is Jeannette Goldman- Chef, Restaurateur, and Media Business Owner, who is considered the godmother to several startups.

She has authored FREE Resources, was partners in a consulting firm called Menu Solution and helped take several startups public in her 30 years in the industry.

It’s accessible – All lectures are videos that can be accessed instantly.

You will also have worksheets and a series of one on one scheduled coaching calls throughout the course. The coaching calls are offered as a bonus for a limited time to be announced.

It’s process-driven – the startup course offers a formula breakdown of how to develop a business concept from the ground up. It explains each major step in that development process and does so through a visual framework. The business framework model is segmented into the major elements which will come to define your restaurant.

It’s interactive – a series of lectures in the course help you visualize the process. Each lecture addresses a key segment of the restaurant startup and intermittent questionnaires and worksheets help you retain the material.



Includes a series of one on one scheduled coaching calls during the course.

* The coaching calls will be available for a limited time only.  When the course is released the limited dates will be announced. Those purchasing the course after the bonus calls are no longer available will receive a discounted price on coaching calls in the future. That price will also be announced when the online course is released.

Includes Access To A Financial Adviser

Pat Walsh

Not only is Pat a small business banker with over 16 years of experience in the banking industry she also has been part owner in two restaurants.

She knows first-hand how to handle the financing of a restaurant.

She can answer questions about billing procedures, marketing, sales, breaking down food costs, payroll and taxes.

Besides ownership and financial experience she also brings to the table food purchasing skills.

Her negotiation skills with industry vendors and public relations with both the consumer and suppliers contributed to the start of her successful career in the Restaurant industry.

Hired by Kraft Foods as a Territory Manager one of the first females to be employed in that position in the early 80’s  where she quickly rose to becoming one of the leading producers for the district.

 She decided to pursue a career with SYSCO Foods, a larger supplier of wholesale foods and equipment which enabled her to offer a wider range of options for her customers and an increase in salary as well.

You Get Two Experienced Restaurant Experts With This Online Course


These 7 Steps MUST Be Done

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